The seeking energy of an individual is like a filter through which the boundless wholeness is constantly rejected. And what’s left is only the sense of bondage, which fuels the seeking endlessly. However, the wonder is that the whole reality of the seekers, however unfulfilling is utterly illusory and is never a real happening. Even the seeking is the wholeness already, that which can never become more nor less.

There is neither enlightenment, nor imprisonment. Only timeless amazements.

Such is wholeness, neither to lose, nor to reach.

The truth is, there is never such a thing as truth.

There is no eternity, forever lasting of time.
There is only timeless aliveness, including death of a body.
Time is timeless.

Freedom is not that you can chose or decide what to do. It is not having any choice at all, ‘cause there is never any one separate from what it is

That there is already no you and me is the unconditional wholeness, which is direct and open, but unknowably all there is.



What is before death?
What is after death?
What is death?
What is aliveness?
-ALL there is.
But, but…
— even this ‘but’ is still aliveness.
Who knows this?
–No one.

Nothing can be gained, that is the limitless abundance.
Nothing can be realized, that is the effortless, natural realization.
Nothing can be lost,
That is the ultimate fulfilment.
Nothing can be liberated,
That is the unconditional freedom.
Nothing has reality, that is the natural reality.
Nothing can be experienced, that is the ungraspable wholeness.
No one is loved, that is the unconditional love appearing as what is.