Non-duality means no two, implying that there is no real subject object relationship, and that there is neither a unity nor separation.  Wholeness is all that is appearing, of which nothing is outside as separate consciousness or observer, nor inside as a center. That sense of being separate from all there is, and that there is a center, Me, is totally illusory. However, paradoxically that there is no separation cannot be proven or understood by anyone. Exactly the one who needs the proof is an illusion, which generates all the seeking for fulfilment.

What is Wholeness? This can’t be answered.
Because it can’t be known nor understood nor described as an object. It is not a certain state which can be reached or experienced. It is everything exactly as it is, unconditionally and effortlessly whole and complete already, but for no one.

Wholeness doesn’t know itself or ‘the other’. By being exactly what is, it is already naturally fulfilled but without any definition. And it is free of any meaning and purpose. 

What has been shared here is not from any personal standpoint, knowledge, experience or even wisdom. It is the unknown speaking and sharing apparently. 

 This message doesn’t offer any help, path or method to guide anyone. It is by no means a teaching or trying to bring about an understanding. This sharing is absolutely not about ‘how to…’. It only reveals the illusion of Me and the futility of its seeking.

All there is is boundless wholeness. Name it freedom, aliveness, liberation, Love, natural reality or Dao, all referring to that ungraspable empty fullness.

Wholeness is all there is, effortlessly free of meaning and significance, but not in a personal sense of negativity or positivity.